​MRO Security Advisory Council-sponsored webinars are listed below. Click the webinar link to access detailed information about the event.  
5/8/2018GridEx Lessons Learned
(Recorded) This webinar provides lessons learned from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s biennial grid security exercise GridEx. GridEx is designed to simulate a cyber/physical attack on electric and other critical infrastructures across North America. This hour-long webinar will be presented by representatives from a diverse group of entities, including a small vertically-integrated utility (Lincoln Electric System), a Regional Transmission Organization (Southwest Power Pool) and two government agencies (Department of Homeland Security and North Dakota Emergency Services).
10/30/2017Physical Security Assessment
(Recorded) This webinar will provide an in depth look at the DHS IST tool and a brief overview of a similar tool used by Public Safety Canada.
9/6/2017Intelligence 101: Establishing and Maturing an Effective Threat Intelligence Program
(Recorded) This webinar provides a common understanding of security and risk intelligence, discusses the foundational aspects of an intelligence program, and explores use cases that can be implemented to establish or mature intelligence functions without requiring complex projects or expensive feeds.
8/29/2017GridEx IV: Benefits of Participation
(Recorded) This webinar offers guidance on utility company participation in NERC's biennial grid security exercise, GridEx IV. GridEx provides an opportunity for utilities to demonstrate their abilities to respond and recover from a simulated coordinated cyber and physical attack on the bulk electric system.
6/2/2017Exploring the Unknown ICS Landscape
(Not Recorded) This webinar will be a discussion regarding unique research on industrial control system soft-ware, malware, and the consequences of poor operations security. The premise for this project is the belief that there is a wealth of information surrounding Industrial Control Systems that is unrec-ognized by the traditional IT cybersecurity industry. Robert M. Lee will walk through proven methodology, and show real-world findings and conclusions of what this means in our space.